Can foxes be the new king of premier league?


Talking of football i.e, soccer, we all know there’s only 1 club which has beacome the talk of the day. Yes! you got that right, Leicester City.

Leicester City sits atop the Premier League by two points with 15 games won in a 38-game. No comparisons might do justice to the performance Leicester City has produced in 2015-16. Not only did the Foxes have a 13-game winless run last season, they were only six points from being relegated to a lower level of competition. Leicester City wasn’t even in the Premier League two years ago. The club earned promotion to England’s top soccer league starting in the 2014-15 season for the first time in 10 years.

There is no previous example of an underdog the likes of Leicester City beating odds as long as 5,000-1. There have been a few 100-1 or longer shots that either shockingly came through or fell tantalizingly short.

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“I’m not one of those who buys into all this paranormal superstitious stuff,” said Rory Palmer, Leicester’s deputy mayor. “But the turning point last season was when Richard III was buried. Since the Richard III reburial last March, Leicester City have won 22 out of 34 matches.”

Despite a last-gasp defeat against Arsenal on Sunday, the Foxes’ title bid remains well and truly on. Winning the league would be a feat not far short of discovering the remains of the last Yorkist king of England under a council car park 530 years after he was killed.

The arrival of Claudio Raineri has been miraculous to foxes. It’s been a huge change in premier league. It has changed the team’s performance drastically in terms of both fitness and mentality. Now it will be interesting to see if Raineri could lead Leicester to premiere league title??

Even the border signs welcoming people to the city have had a facelift. Until last summer, motorists would pass weather-beaten signs heralding “Britain’s first environment city”, installed 16 years ago. Now they bear the face of Richard III and the slogan “Leicester: an historic city”. It is surely only a matter of time before the signage is overhauled once more to reflect the football club’s on-pitch achievements.

In November 1998, a statue was unveiled in front of Leicester’s historic clock tower to commemorate the city’s status as a hotbed of sporting achievement in football, cricket and rugby. The structure has lost some of its sheen in the intervening 18 years, a term that has seen the club claw its way back up the football ladder from financial administration in 2002.

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In more than 130 years of history, Leicester City have never won the league or FA Cup; they have lost four cup finals. Its £22m team has outshone rivals whose constellation of stars cost 10 times that figure. Next season, barring an implosion, the galacticos of Real Madrid, Barcelona or Bayern Munich could be visiting the King Power stadium.

Town hall officials are already holding hushed discussions on how to handle the delirious celebrations if Leicester win the title. An open-top bus parade last year left the streets full to bursting, and officials know that lifting the Premier League trophy would see those crowds multiplied several times over.

With City lost to Totten ham 2-1 on Sunday, now battle for title is getting more interesting!



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